Earl & The Agitators (feat. Scott Holt)

Earl & The Agitators

Classic Rock’ meets ‘Blues’ with a little bit of ‘Country’ thrown in! A good ol‘ rock n’ roll band having too much fun.

Earl & The Agitators features Scott Holt, whose 10 year tenure with Buddy Guy established him as both an incredible guitarist and a rich, soulful singer, along with Roger Earl and Bryan Bassett of Foghat. Foghat Bass Player, Craig MacGregor, joined them on 'Where's the Rock n' Roll', and Jason Schmidt added some cool percussion to 'Sunday Morning Coming Down' and 'Love Isn't Kind'!

The band began as a graduation project at Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, TN and ended up with 6 great recordings, 3 of which are on this CD. ‘Where’s the Rock n’ Roll’ was recorded at Foghat’s Florida studio ‘Boogie Motel South’.

Thank you to the student engineers who worked so diligently on this project: Tara Larry, Mike Stahl, Nick Karwowski, Jesse Mather, Remington Poulin, Ezra Salmine, Brendan Karwowski , Alex Mackayand especially our friend Tom Mix for inviting us!

And special thanks to Sean Rogers, Ben Hardt Becki Sessions, and Dennis Ritchie and everyone at Dark Horse Institute!!

THE PLAYERS: Scott Holt - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar / Roger Earl - Drums Bryan Bassett- Slide/Lead Guitar / Bass

*Craig MacGregor - Bass (Where’s the Rock n’ Roll) Jason Schmidt - Congas & Percussion

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