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Rock n’ Roll, Blues and a dash of Country are being served SHAKEN & STIRRED in the latest release by the EARL & THE AGITATORS ALL STAR BAND.  SHAKEN & STIRRED was released on Friday, October 26th, 2018 and is the brain child of FOGHAT founding member/drummer Roger Earl, singer/guitarist extraordinaire Scott Holt (former 10-year BUDDY GUY alum) and FOGHAT lead/slide guitarist Bryan Bassett. Rounding out the line-up for the live bonus tracks are FOGHAT bassist Rodney O’Quinn, guitarist Tony Bullard, and percussionist Mark Petrocelli.


 “This band was born out of a passion for American Music,” explains Roger. “Rock, blues & country. Scott Holt, who played with BUDDY GUY, one of my musical heroes, for many years, channels this music with a joy and mastery of a seasoned pro. With his fire balling guitar and soulful vocals, we had a blast writing and recording!  And since we are all big Johnny Cash fans we also included a couple of his songs for fun. I love making music with Scott!”


Scott Holt began his professional musical journey at 19 when he met and was mentored by his friend BUDDY GUY and he spent the next 10 years playing guitar for the Grammy winning legend. Scott’s tenure with Buddy Guy established him as an incredible guitarist, a rich, soulful singer, performer and storyteller in his own right. And any time Buddy and Scott are in the same area, Buddy always invites his friend up to play and it is something to see!


Roger, Scott, and Bryan first met back in 2014 and hit it off immediately.  Roger invited Scott down to the Foghat Studio (Boogie Motel South) in Florida, and they all began to jam and write a bunch of songs!  Since Bryan is not only Foghat’s guitarist but also their engineer and producer, they recorded all the tracks.  (Scott sang and played on 3 songs on Foghat’s last studio album UNDER THE INFLUENCE).


In 2015, they had an opportunity to work on an audio engineering graduation project at Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, Tennessee, where they wrote and recorded 6 more songs and now had a repertoire of music and nothing to do with it!  So, over a couple of glasses of wine Bryan deemed the new project “Earl & the Agitators” …they threw Foghat bassist Rodney O’Quinn and guitarist Tony Bullard and percussionist Mark Petrocelli into the fray and started doing some live performances (many of them as the opening act for Foghat). 


With all this material in the can, the band decided to release SHAKEN & STIRRED which is comprised of 13 studio tracks and 5 cool live tracks!


And as seen/heard in this live performance of “Guess Things Happen That Way”, recorded at the Club Arcada in St. Charles, Illinois on March 15, 2018, this band takes their ‘chemistry’ to the next level as these musical worlds collide on stage (crank up the volume!) https://youtu.be/R6AwgoPSnOo 


Love Isn’t Kind  - https://youtu.be/2kxaA_eOy4c

Sunday Morning Coming Down - https://youtu.be/gtVbjAstK1E


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Guess Things Happen that Way - Live

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